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HR Management
Мне всег­да нра­вилось ра­ботать с людь­ми, по­это­му еще в шко­ле я оп­ре­дели­ла для се­бя эту сте­зю. Это, дей­стви­тель­но, очень ин­те­рес­но по­нять внут­ренние цен­ности че­лове­ка, его стрем­ле­ния, це­ли. По­нима­ние лю­дей есть ключ к дос­ти­жению эф­фектив­ности их ра­боты. Далее…

Интервью с г-жой Джоанной Оман, представитель Tasmac School of Business, London

In­tervi­ew with Mrs. Jo­an­na Oman, Tas­mac Scho­ol of Bu­siness, Lon­don

Предс­тав­ля­ем ва­шему вни­манию ап­рель­ское ин­тервью

с ме­нед­же­ром по мар­ке­тин­гу Лон­донс­кой Шко­лы Биз­не­са Tas­mac г-жой Джо­аной Оман.

15 ju­ly 2009

Г-жа Оман лю­без­но сог­ла­силась дать ин­тервью на­шему агентству.

Ms Jo­an­na Oman — Mar­ke­ting Ma­nager

Jo­an­na is of­ten the first po­int of con­tact for stu­dents, ma­naging the UK and Euro­pe­an stu­dent rec­ru­it­ment and app­li­cati­ons. She com­mu­nica­tes with TAS­MAC Ad­missi­ons Part­ners to en­su­re stu­dents can al­wa­ys find the most up-to-da­te in­forma­ti­on abo­ut TAS­MAC and re­ce­ive comp­re­hen­si­ve app­li­cati­on as­sistan­ce whe­rever they are app­ly­ing from.

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: go­od eve­ning!!

Jo­an­na Oman: let’s try if you can he­ar me

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: thanks for co­ming!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: what if we talk by mes­sa­ging?

Jo­an­na Oman: we can do that

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: thanks

Jo­an­na Oman: or we can try on the audio

Jo­an­na Oman: which is bet­ter for you?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I think ty­ping is pre­fer­rable

Jo­an­na Oman: gre­at

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: easi­er to post it on the web­si­te

Jo­an­na Oman: true

Jo­an­na Oman: ok how can I help you to­day?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: what we se­ek is in­forma­ti­on abo­ut your Scho­ol that wo­uld be in­te­res­ting to Ka­zakh­sta­ni stu­dents first, and from ot­her CIS stu­dents

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: do­es your scho­ol ad­mit a lot of stu­dents from Ka­zakh­stan and CIS?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: in ot­her words Rus­si­an spe­aking stu­dents

Jo­an­na Oman: from my ex­pe­ri­en­ce the thing that ap­pe­als to stu­dents from Ka­zakh­stan most is the fact that we are ve­ry af­fordab­le in terms of the tu­ition fe­es.

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: yes, this is im­portant:)

Jo­an­na Oman: we are ba­sed in Lon­don, which is a ve­ry ex­pensi­ve ci­ty, but it is al­so a ci­ty whe­re stu­dents ha­ve a gre­at cho­ice of edu­cati­on, and we want to ma­ke su­re that stu­dents cho­se our scho­ol

Jo­an­na Oman: at the mo­ment we ha­ve two stu­dents from Ka­zakh­stan

Jo­an­na Oman: and 3 stu­dents from ot­her CIS co­unt­ri­es

Jo­an­na Oman: this will inc­re­ase over the next few in­ta­kes be­ca­use of our pre­sen­ce in Ka­zakh­stan and Al­ma­ty es­pe­ci­al­ly over the last 2 months

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I see

Jo­an­na Oman: I vi­ti­ed Al­ma­ty at the be­gin­gin of March and had a fan­tastic fe­ed­back from stu­dents — we want to bu­ild on this and ma­in­ta­int the vi­sibi­lity of the scho­ol amongst stu­dents from the re­gi­on

Jo­an­na Oman: the­re se­ems to be the per­cepti­on that stu­dents can stu­dy on­ly in the big uni­ver­si­ti­es

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: ma­ny stu­dents are awa­re of LSE, St And­rews, Edin­burgh, Manc­hes­ter scho­ols

Jo­an­na Oman: but my vi­sit pro­ved that the­re is a gre­at ne­ed to show the al­terna­tives to stu­dents — such as stu­dy­ing for a go­od deg­ree but in a pri­vate ins­ti­tu­ion li­ke TAS­MAC Lod­non

Jo­an­na Oman: exact­ly

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: how dif­fe­rent is your scho­ol from them?

Jo­an­na Oman: the dif­fe­ren­ce is in fa­cili­ti­es

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I me­an in which wa­ys your scho­ol bet­ter?

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve a smal­ler cam­pus whe­re stu­dents get to know one anot­her much bet­ter than in a 10000 stu­dent cam­pus

Jo­an­na Oman: no­body gets lost — eve­ry­one is part of a big te­am

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: be­ca­use we al­wa­ys tell them it is har­der to get in­to that top-notch scho­ols

Jo­an­na Oman: our cam­pus ca­paci­ty is of 500 stu­dent — and be­ca­use the num­bers are lo­wer we can pro­vide bet­ter pas­to­ral ca­re to them and ma­ke su­re that they get mo­re at­tenti­on in class

Jo­an­na Oman: the qua­lity of te­ac­hing is the sa­me as in the lar­ge uni­ver­si­ti­es you men­ti­one

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: do you ha­ve any fa­mo­us alum­ni?

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve fan­tastic aca­demic wor­kign with our stu­dents — tho­se lec­tu­rers are emp­lo­yed by Im­pe­ri­al, UCL or Cass Bu­siness Scho­ol whe­re stu­dents pay 4 ti­mes as much as they wo­uld in our scho­ol

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I see

Jo­an­na Oman: the Lod­non in cam­pus is fa­ir­ly new and our first MBA gra­du­ate will fi­nish this Ju­ne — we will be fol­lo­wing them clo­sely and ke­ep you pos­ted on thi­er ca­re­ers.

Jo­an­na Oman: we form a lar­ger gro­up of 5 cam­pu­ses

Jo­an­na Oman: whe­re 4 ot­hers are in In­dia and we are cur­rent­ly ope­ning anot­her cam­pus in the USA

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: your scho­ol is aro­und 10 years old, isnt it?

Jo­an­na Oman: the gro­up is 18 years old

Jo­an­na Oman: the Lon­don cam­pus was ope­ned in March 2008

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I see

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve a stra­tegy of ope­ning a new ca­pus in anot­her eco­nimic hub of the world eve­ry 2 years

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: you’ve got con­necti­ons with the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wa­les?

Jo­an­na Oman: TAS­MAC Gro­up is a ve­ry dy­namic en­vi­ron­ment for stu­dents to stu­dy and they are ve­ry pro­ud to see how the scho­ol ex­pands eve­ry year

Jo­an­na Oman: Uni­ver­si­ty of Wa­les va­lida­tes our deg­re­es

Jo­an­na Oman: in prac­ti­cal terms this me­ans that stu­dents who stu­dy in our cam­pus ac­tu­al­ly stu­dy for a Uni­ver­si­ty of Wa­les deg­ree — whcih is world-wi­de re­cog­ni­sed and res­pected

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: that’s an in­te­res­ting stra­tegy, but do ot­her scho­ols ex­pand in this way?

Jo­an­na Oman: Uni­ver­si­ty of Wa­les is the se­cond lar­gest uni­ver­si­ty in Uni­ted King­dom and we ha­ve be­en part­ners with them for the last 8 years — a go­od and so­lid re­lati­ons­hips with qua­lity stu­dents jo­ni­ing the ranks of UoW alum­ni

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: wont it be har­der to ma­in­ta­in the Bri­tish edu­cati­on qua­lity stan­dards ab­ro­ad?

Jo­an­na Oman: I must ad­mit that it is a ve­ry ag­ressi­ve stra­tegy of ex­pansi­on… it re­qu­ires go­od se­curi­ty (fi­nan­ci­al­ly) that has be­en ear­ned over ma­ny years of exis­tance. not ma­ny scho­ols can af­ford to do that

Jo­an­na Oman: the cam­pus if Lon­don is ful­ly ma­naged by lo­cal aca­demics and he­aded by so­me of the best minds in this in­dust­ry

Jo­an­na Oman: the US cam­pus will ha­ve a US fla­vo­ur and stu­dent will be ab­le to get the best of both world — UK and USA edu­cati­on

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I see

Jo­an­na Oman: if I may add…

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: of co­ur­se

Jo­an­na Oman: I think it is im­portant for us to vi­sit Ka­zakh­stan and edu­cate stu­dents abo­ut the cho­ices they ha­ve

Jo­an­na Oman: for examp­le did you know that a new mo­del MBA is be­ing int­ro­duced whe­re stu­dents do not re­qu­ire work ex­pe­ri­en­ce?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: no we ha­ve not he­ard abo­ut it

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: all the US scho­ols usu­al­ly re­qu­ire work ex­pe­ri­en­ce

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve jo­ined this new trend and are now lo­oking at app­li­cati­ons from stu­dents who ha­ve not be­en wor­king be­fore but per­haps can bring gre­at aca­demic qua­liti­es to the co­ur­se

Jo­an­na Oman: we ba­sed this on the idea that stu­dents who show gre­at in­tellect aca­demi­cal­ly can trans­fer tho­se skills and chan­nel them in­to bu­siness en­vi­ron­ment

Jo­an­na Oman: the «ca­se stu­dy» met­hod of te­ac­hing al­so helps

Jo­an­na Oman: this is the­re you le­arn by ob­serving re­al li­fe si­tu­ations.. re­al li­fe com­pa­ni­es and the­ir de­velop­ment, chal­lenges and suc­cesses and then ana­lyse them in class un­der the su­per­vi­si­on of your lec­tu­rer but al­so the ex­pe­ri­en­ced stu­dents

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: do they ha­ve in­tern­ships whi­le the­ir stu­dy?

Jo­an­na Oman: so­unds ex­ci­ting do­esn’t it?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I be­li­eve it will att­ract mo­re app­li­cants

Jo­an­na Oman: in fact we of­ten help stu­dents find work (whe­re they can earn and not just le­arn) du­ring the­ir stu­di­es

Jo­an­na Oman: re­mem­ber than stu­dent can work for 20 ho­urs per we­ek — this will be ma­in­ly eve­nings or we­ekends

Jo­an­na Oman: on­ce thye comp­le­te the­ior stu­di­es, un­der the new ru­les, they can stay for 2 years — and this is whe­re they will get in­to the «se­ri­ouos» jobs… hig­her le­vel of res­po­nisi­bili­ty and com­mitment

Jo­an­na Oman: and of co­ur­se sa­lari­es

Jo­an­na Oman: we are lo­oking at abo­ut £25000 star­ting sa­lary for an MBA gra­du­ate in Lod­non… and that’s on the low end

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: is it app­li­cab­le to all uni­ver­si­ti­es or on­ly yours

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: ?

Jo­an­na Oman: to sum up the abo­ve in­forma­ti­on we will be hap­py to lo­ok at app­li­cati­ons from «fresh» gra­du­ates with go­od aca­demic skills

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I me­an 2 years sta­ying

Jo­an­na Oman: the 2 years is app­li­cab­le all over the UK

Jo­an­na Oman: it is a new law cal­led «Post-Stu­dy Work»

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: what are the es­say qu­es­ti­ons for this MBA deg­ree?

Jo­an­na Oman: ex­cu­se me?

Jo­an­na Oman: are you as­king abo­ut ent­ry es­say?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: usu­al­ly es­say qu­es­ti­ons are ba­sed on the ex­pe­ri­en­ce of app­li­cant

Jo­an­na Oman: ah

Jo­an­na Oman: ok

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: just cu­ri­ous what are the es­say qu­es­ti­ons might be

Jo­an­na Oman: well stu­dents are as­ked to comp­le­te a «per­so­nal sta­tement» when they app­ly

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I see

Jo­an­na Oman: this is a mi­nimum 200 word es­say whe­re they ha­ve to exp­la­in what they can bring in­to the MBA prog­ramme from the­ir li­fe ex­pe­ri­en­ce (not just work ex­pe­ri­en­ce)

Jo­an­na Oman: this is whe­re the stu­dents ha­ve to sell them­selves — ex­cu­se the mar­ke­ting spe­ak

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: how hard is it to en­ter your scho­ol?

Jo­an­na Oman: this is whe­re stu­dents usu­al­ly exp­la­in the­ir re­asons for wan­ting to do this MBA and why sho­uld be cho­ose them…. or why sho­uld we gi­ve them a scho­lars­hip

Jo­an­na Oman: I wo­uld say that if you are a go­od stu­dent with go­od Eng­lish you will be ad­mitted

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: what is the com­pe­titi­on?

Jo­an­na Oman: if you had so­me prob­lems with your gra­des in the past… well we will ha­ve to lo­ok ve­ry ca­reful­ly at that

Jo­an­na Oman: at the mo­ment we are ve­ry open to can­di­dates from Ka­zakh­stan and did not put a li­mit on ad­missi­ons from this re­gi­on — if the stu­dent me­ets the cri­teria they will get in

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: How hard to get a fi­nan­ci­al aid for in­terna­ti­onal stu­dents?

Jo­an­na Oman: this may chan­ge in the fu­ture if we get too ma­ny app­li­cants and we want to ke­ep the ba­lan­ce right… but this is a new re­gi­on for us so I don’t fo­resee that hap­pe­ning for anot­her 3 years

Jo­an­na Oman: get­ting full scho­lars­hip may be ve­ry dif­fi­cult

Jo­an­na Oman: in TAS­MAC we ope­rate a scho­lars­hip ba­sed on me­rit and of­fer to co­ver a part of the tu­ition costs

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: that so­unds att­rac­ti­ve

Jo­an­na Oman: I un­ders­tand that in Ka­zakh­stan stu­dent can try for the Bo­las­hak scho­lars­hip

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I be­li­eve it will be awar­ded to a li­mited num­ber of stu­dents this year

Jo­an­na Oman: the me­rit ba­sed scho­lars­hip is for stu­dents who are par­ti­cular­ly ta­len­ted or hard wor­king (and can show it on the­ir trans­cript)

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: not for su­re tho­ugh, but due to a fi­nan­ci­al cri­sis

Jo­an­na Oman: and this is why it is best to lo­ok at scho­ols li­ke TAS­MAC — whe­re edu­cati­on is so much mo­re af­fordab­le

Jo­an­na Oman: but a word of war­ning

Jo­an­na Oman: the­re are qui­te a few pri­vate cam­pu­ses in Lon­don — pri­vate­ly run bu­siness scho­ols

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: what is it?

Jo­an­na Oman: it is ve­ry im­portant for stu­dents

Jo­an­na Oman: to ma­ke su­re that the­ir scho­ol is res­pected, acc­re­dited by the UK go­vern­ment, and ask aro­und as much as pos­sible to get the in­forma­ti­on from stu­dents or ot­hers who can vo­uch for the scho­ol

Jo­an­na Oman: we of­ten in­vi­te in­te­res­ted stu­dents to con­tact our own stu­dents thro­ugh our fa­cebo­ok pro­file

Jo­an­na Oman: we al­so say to po­ten­ti­al stu­dents: call the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wa­les and ask them abo­ut who we are

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: In­ternet is a gre­at to­ol

Jo­an­na Oman: yes

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve cre­ated a gre­at pro­file on fa­cebo­ok with lo­ads of vi­de­os pic­tu­res and ha­ve an ever ex­panding list of fri­ends

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: but usu­al­ly a word of mo­uth ma­kes mo­re inf­lu­en­ce on the cho­ice

Jo­an­na Oman: yes

Jo­an­na Oman: this is why we lo­oked at ma­king it pos­sible for stu­dents who want to jo­in to con­tact our cur­rent stu­dents di­rect­ly

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: we can post a link to your Fa­cebo­ok pro­file at the end of an in­tervi­ew

Jo­an­na Oman: fa­cebo­ok in a way al­lows them to do that — we don’t ha­ve the ti­me to cre­ate tho­se fa­ke stu­dents — so they are ve­ry re­al and not se­lec­ted at all — I’m su­re they will tell you the go­od and the bad

Jo­an­na Oman: but we do ho­pe that the­re is so much mo­re go­od than bad:D

Jo­an­na Oman: that wo­uld be gre­at

Jo­an­na Oman: you know I fo­und that anot­her gre­at to­ol is youtu­be

Jo­an­na Oman: be­li­eve it or not but the area of rec­ru­iting stu­dents thro­ugh print ma­gazi­nes and bro­chures is over

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: do you a vi­deo abo­ut your scho­ol pos­ted on youtu­be?

Jo­an­na Oman: stu­dents want in­te­rac­ti­ve, grap­hic in­forma­ti­on — they le­arn abo­ut the scho­ol thro­ugh pic­tu­res or vi­de­os, no lon­ger thro­ugh text

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: be­ca­use we’ve re­cent­ly fo­und ma­ny scho­ols pos­ting the­ir vi­de­os on youtu­be

Jo­an­na Oman: we ha­ve a who­le chan­nel on youtu­be whe­re we con­ti­nu­al­ly up­lo­ad vi­de­os from the scho­ol

Jo­an­na Oman: http://www.youtu­be.com/user/TAS­MACLon­don

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: our ma­in ser­vi­ce is pro­of­re­ading es­sa­ys of app­li­cants, ho­wever ma­ny of them al­so ask ad­vi­ce on the scho­ol cho­ice

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: that is why we de­cided to open a pa­ge abo­ut dif­fe­rent scho­ols in the UK and US

Jo­an­na Oman: well the­re you go — sho­wing them our youtu­be pro­file or the fa­cebo­ok pro­file will be help­ful then

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: ta­ke in­tervi­ews and gi­ve so­me uni­que and in­te­res­ting in­forma­ti­on on the web­si­te

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: yeah, that wo­uld be gre­at

Jo­an­na Oman: yes — it be­li­eve this will help. This in­tervi­ew has be­en most ple­asant for me

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: so, my last qu­es­ti­on — how can you desc­ri­be your scho­ol in three words?

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: :)

Jo­an­na Oman: let me think

Jo­an­na Oman: fun

Jo­an­na Oman: so­ci­al

Jo­an­na Oman: sor­ry ma­ke that so­ci­ab­le

Jo­an­na Oman: ins­pi­ring

Jo­an­na Oman: the­re: fun, so­ci­ab­le, ins­pi­ring

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: so­unds att­rac­ti­ve!

Jo­an­na Oman: that’s us!

Jo­an­na Oman: :)

Jo­an­na Oman: I do ha­ve to run away now I’m af­ra­id but I ho­pe this was go­od for you

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: can you al­so send us la­ter so­me pic­tu­res if ava­ilab­le

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: of your­self if you want or your scho­ol

Jo­an­na Oman: you can down­lo­ad a ve­ry go­od pre­sen­ta­ti­on he­re: http://www.tas­mac.org.uk/stu­dents-pre­sen­ta­ti­on.ppt

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: ok, thanks

Jo­an­na Oman: and our fa­cebo­ok pro­file is: http://www.fa­cebo­ok.com/pe­op­le/Tas­mac-Lon­don/1625774107

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: I will send you the in­tervi­ew for app­ro­val la­ter

Jo­an­na Oman: thank you!

Jo­an­na Oman: I ha­ve be­en a ple­asu­re!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: we are al­so thin­king abo­ut Rus­si­an ver­si­on of it

Jo­an­na Oman: that might be ve­ry help­ful

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: thank you ve­ry much!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: app­re­ci­ate your ti­me!

Jo­an­na Oman: thank you!

Jo­an­na Oman: your wel­co­me

Jo­an­na Oman: bye!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: ha­ve a ni­ce day!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat: bye-bye!

As­sel Sha­imu­rat is a co­or­di­nator of Agen­cy Es­say.kz

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