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Отк­ры­та ус­лу­га mock in­tervi­ew! Го­товы ли Вы к ин­тервью с при­ем­ной ко­мис­си­ей?

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HR Management
Мне всег­да нра­вилось ра­ботать с людь­ми, по­это­му еще в шко­ле я оп­ре­дели­ла для се­бя эту сте­зю. Это, дей­стви­тель­но, очень ин­те­рес­но по­нять внут­ренние цен­ности че­лове­ка, его стрем­ле­ния, це­ли. По­нима­ние лю­дей есть ключ к дос­ти­жению эф­фектив­ности их ра­боты. Далее…

Сцена из дебатного турнира

"Go­od af­terno­on, de­ar Jud­ges, Audi­en­ce and Op­po­nents! Let me int­ro­duce my go­vern­ment te­am and our re­solu­ti­on — cor­rupti­on sho­uld be se­vere­ly pu­nis­hed in …”

My ner­vo­us ener­gy is mo­un­ting as I con­ti­nue the Pri­me Mi­nis­ter’s spe­ech. Even tho­ugh an ex­pe­ri­en­ced high scho­ol spe­aker with ma­ny awards, I still re­mem­ber all the an­xi­ety whe­never I de­live­red a spe­ech du­ring the to­ur­na­ments of Eng­lish De­bating Le­ague.

"The go­vern­ment wo­uld li­ke to sup­port the re­solu­ti­on with two ma­in cla­ims. First is be­ca­use eco­nomy de­velop­ment is be­ing de­ep­ly da­maged. The are­as of li­cen­sing, ten­de­ring, tax col­lecti­on and cus­toms do not exist wit­ho­ut bri­be-ta­king. Ma­ny bu­siness­men open­ly ad­mit gi­ving bri­bes and inc­lu­ding sums of bri­bes in­to the­ir com­pa­ny bud­gets. How co­uld en­ter the WTO and att­ract fo­re­ign in­vest­ments wit­ho­ut a con­vincing an­ti-cor­rupti­on prog­ram? ”

Ha­ving Math as a fa­vori­te sub­ject at scho­ol, I was de­ter­mi­ned to pur­sue my edu­cati­on in the fi­eld clo­se to abs­trac­ti­on and lo­gical re­aso­ning. My as­pi­rati­on bro­ught me in Eco­nomics, a so­ci­al sci­en­ce whe­re App­li­ed Mat­he­matics is tho­ro­ugh­ly used. Sin­ce the rep­la­cement of the cent­ra­lised cont­rol sys­tem with sta­te re­gula­ti­on, it has be­en qui­te chal­lenging to bu­ild eco­nomy from a be­gin­ning. Owing to rich na­tural re­so­ur­ces and vast ter­ri­tory, was ab­le to att­ract aro­und 30 bil­li­on USD in fo­re­ign di­rect in­vest­ment and bo­ast with the most att­rac­ti­ve in­vest­ment cli­mate among the CIS co­unt­ri­es. Ho­wever, still the­re are ma­ny is­su­es to work on and app­ly my the­ore­tical know­ledge and tra­ining for inc­re­asing we­alth of my co­unt­ry.

"The se­cond ar­gu­ment our go­vern­ment te­am wo­uld li­ke to pro­pose is that edu­cati­on is high­ly suf­fe­ring from cor­rupti­on. If get­ting a deg­ree in the uni­ver­si­ty most stu­dents are tra­ined and skil­led to gi­ve bri­bes and purc­ha­se the­ir aca­demic cer­ti­fica­tes and dip­lo­mas, what kind of ge­nera­ti­on is that? Not on­ly sho­uld young pe­op­le be con­ve­yed abo­ut the im­pact of cor­rupti­on on the­ir fu­ture but al­so ta­ke full res­ponsi­bili­ty for this con­duct. ”

Be­sides comp­re­hen­si­ve know­ledge, harsh ti­metab­le and strong phy­sical tra­ining, I ga­ined a ver­sa­tile out­lo­ok on li­fe and le­ar­ned thin­king on fo­ur lan­gu­ages at *** Ly­ce­um. Gra­du­ating with Ho­nors from one of the best se­con­da­ry edu­cati­on scho­ols in, I was eager to get a tru­ly fo­re­ign edu­cati­on and en­te­red *** at *** last year with a ma­jor in Fi­nan­ce and Ban­king. My ins­pi­rati­on to ex­pand the­ore­tical know­ledge and am­bi­ti­ons to stu­dy furt­her we­re en­hanced es­pe­ci­al­ly du­ring a spe­ech of a gu­est lec­tu­rer from *** this year. Mr. *** told us abo­ut Mic­ro­eco­nomic dy­namics in cur­rent world. It en­co­ura­ged me gre­at­ly that I ma­de a de­cisi­on to try my best in re­ce­iving my ma­jor at the top Bri­tish ins­ti­tuti­ons.

"In the conc­lu­si­on of my spe­ech, Your Ho­nor, let me tell you a sto­ry. I re­mem­ber tal­king to a boy from an orp­ha­nage #3 of Al­ma­ty du­ring vo­lun­te­ering at Swe­et Fa­ir event. We we­re chat­ting ligh­tly abo­ut eve­ryt­hing and I lo­oked in­to his cle­ar bright eyes and tho­ught abo­ut the fu­ture ahe­ad of him. Lac­king any fa­mily, fi­nan­ces and spi­ritu­al sup­port, an unp­ro­tec­ted mem­ber of our so­ci­ety wo­uld ha­ve to fa­ce the li­fe with all the obs­tac­les. It is for the­se unp­ro­tec­ted and in­se­cure mem­bers of our so­ci­ety we sho­uld ef­fecti­vely and qu­ick­ly ne­ut­ra­lize cor­rupti­on…"

It was al­wa­ys both easi­er and mo­re vul­ne­rab­le to be on pro­posing go­vern­ment si­de for me. As a stu­dent of *** Ly­ce­um, I was al­wa­ys edu­cated on the true and un­do­ub­ted si­de of know­ledge. Ho­wever, de­bates tra­ined me la­ter that thin­king you are al­wa­ys on the right track ma­kes you mo­re vul­ne­rab­le and we­ak in front of bright op­po­nents and the­ir Po­ints of In­forma­ti­on. But aga­in de­bates ta­ught me that thin­king on my own fe­et and ha­ving a sin­ce­re be­li­ef in my­self wo­uld mul­tiply my ent­hu­si­asm and help win­ning the jud­ges’ app­re­ci­ation fi­nal­ly.

I strong­ly be­li­eve that A-prog­ram of­fe­red by *** with its mo­dern fa­cili­ti­es and hands-on ex­pe­ri­en­ce wo­uld pre­pare me well to en­ter the top Bri­tish Uni­ver­si­ti­es and be­come a pro­fes­si­onal fi­nan­ci­er.

Along with get­ting ex­cellent Eng­lish lan­gu­age and com­mu­nica­ti­on skills, I ho­pe to ha­ve a chan­ce to ta­ke part in Bri­tish Par­li­amen­ta­ry De­bates to­get­her with my pe­ers — na­tive spe­akers of Bri­tish Eng­lish.

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