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Отк­ры­та ус­лу­га mock in­tervi­ew! Го­товы ли Вы к ин­тервью с при­ем­ной ко­мис­си­ей?

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HR Management
Мне всег­да нра­вилось ра­ботать с людь­ми, по­это­му еще в шко­ле я оп­ре­дели­ла для се­бя эту сте­зю. Это, дей­стви­тель­но, очень ин­те­рес­но по­нять внут­ренние цен­ности че­лове­ка, его стрем­ле­ния, це­ли. По­нима­ние лю­дей есть ключ к дос­ти­жению эф­фектив­ности их ра­боты. Далее…

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I ha­ve al­wa­ys kept my­self in the ar­tistic shell try­ing to port­ray li­fe thro­ugh wa­ter­co­lo­urs that I had at my dis­po­sal and the ligh­tness of to­uch on the can­vas. With a brush in my hands I co­uld simp­ly trans­fer the bright co­lo­urs of gre­en me­adows, ru­by pop­pi­es of spring step­pes, or dif­fe­rent ob­jects un­der oran­ge-yel­low sun ra­ys to the sketch. Ha­ving gra­du­ated from with Ho­no­urs I was al­wa­ys in­to cre­ati­vity eit­her pa­in­ting or de­sign mo­del­ling. But the­re was one par­ti­cular day when I re­ali­zed that I ne­ed to chan­ge my ca­re­er path en­ti­rely. It was li­ke ope­ning a hid­den cel­lar do­or whe­re new ho­rizons ap­pe­ared.

Wor­king as an *** As­sistant in *** was qui­te to­ugh and fe­ar­so­me in the be­gin­ning. But ha­ving de­alt with simp­le tasks with ease and un­ders­tan­ding, I was an­ti­cipa­ting mo­re chal­lenges. One day I was cal­led to as­sist Ener­gy, Che­micals and Uti­liti­es Te­am in a due di­ligen­ce pro­ject. I was gra­du­al­ly eng­ros­sed with fi­nan­ci­al cal­cu­lati­ons and for­mu­las. The mo­re pro­ject de­ta­ils and ot­her in­forma­ti­on I had to di­gest, the mo­re I be­came in­volved and in­te­res­ted. Eve­ryt­hing abo­ut my new as­sign­ments was ap­pe­aling and I wan­ted to le­arn mo­re and mo­re. The way ‘te­am se­ni­ors’ tack­led inac­cu­raci­es in fi­nan­ci­al sta­tements and the way they we­re gu­ided by in­terna­ti­onal stan­dards ma­de me stri­ve to be­come a true pro­fes­si­onal li­ke them. It was the fol­lo­wing day that I was re­ady to app­ly for a deg­ree in ac­co­un­ting and audit at the ***. And it was the fol­lo­wing we­ek I re­ce­ived re­cog­ni­ti­on from the De­part­ment He­ad for the per­so­nal cont­ri­buti­on to the pro­ject.

Cre­ati­ve slant that I ac­qui­red thro­ugh art edu­cati­on is an im­portant fe­atu­re of my per­so­nal de­velop­ment but my new ro­le wit­hin the re­alm of audi­ting re­qu­ires pre­cisi­on and cla­rity which I tru­ly ad­mi­re. My ze­al for know­ledge and new ex­pe­ri­en­ces pro­pel me to­wards unexp­lo­red are­as of bu­siness cyc­les. *** ex­pe­ri­en­ce whe­re I had the chan­ce to test my skills and know­ledge pu­shed spa­ce for mo­re le­ar­ning and ex­perti­se to ac­qui­re. I ma­de up my mind to ex­cel in *** area. I strong­ly be­li­eve that your MBA prog­ram with its mo­dern fa­cili­ti­es and hands-on ex­pe­ri­en­ce wo­uld pre­pare me well to be­come a pro­fes­si­onal audi­tor. I as­su­me that li­fe is abo­ut le­ar­ning from va­ri­ous cre­ati­ve and bu­siness in­te­rac­ti­ons and bu­il­ding up an in­di­vidu­al mo­uld that pro­jects all of your as­pi­rati­ons in­to the re­al world.

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