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HR Management
Мне всег­да нра­вилось ра­ботать с людь­ми, по­это­му еще в шко­ле я оп­ре­дели­ла для се­бя эту сте­зю. Это, дей­стви­тель­но, очень ин­те­рес­но по­нять внут­ренние цен­ности че­лове­ка, его стрем­ле­ния, це­ли. По­нима­ние лю­дей есть ключ к дос­ти­жению эф­фектив­ности их ра­боты. Далее…

Университет Восточной Англии (University of East Anglia)

It is a pub­lic re­se­arch uni­ver­si­ty ba­sed in Nor­wich, Uni­ted King­dom. It was es­tabli­shed in 1963, and is a fo­un­der-mem­ber of the 1994 Gro­up of re­se­arch-in­tensi­ve uni­ver­si­ti­es. Top 10 for stu­dent sa­tis­facti­on eve­ry year sin­ce the Na­ti­onal Stu­dent Sur­vey be­gan; First in the What Uni stu­dent cho­ice awards 2011; World top 150, Euro­pe­an top 100, UK top 20 (Gu­ar­di­an Le­ague tab­le 2012).

Rt Hon Char­les Clar­ke is a Vi­siting Pro­fes­sor at the Scho­ol of Po­liti­cal, So­ci­al and In­terna­ti­onal Stu­di­es at UEA. Born in Lon­don in 1950, Char­les Clar­ke ma­jored in Mat­he­matics and Eco­nomics at Camb­rid­ge Uni­ver­si­ty and ser­ved as the Pre­sident of Stu­dents’ Uni­on. In 1999 he was ap­po­in­ted Mi­nis­ter of Sta­te at the Ho­me Of­fi­ce. He jo­ined the ca­binet as La­bo­ur Par­ty Cha­ir and Mi­nis­ter wit­ho­ut port­fo­lio in 2001, then ser­ved as Sec­re­tary of Sta­te for Edu­cati­on (2002–2004) in UK Par­li­ament and as Ho­me Sec­re­tary (2004–2006) in ad­di­ti­on to ha­ving ma­ny pre­vi­ous po­liti­cal ro­les. Watch a vi­deo of the ina­ugu­ral lec­tu­re by Rt Hon Char­les Clar­ke by clic­king he­re.

Sir Ro­bert Wat­son FRS (Fel­low of the Ro­yal So­ci­ety) is Pro­fes­sor of En­vi­ron­mental Sci­en­ces at UEA and Di­rec­tor of Stra­tegic De­velop­ment at the Tyn­dall Cent­re for Cli­mate Chan­ge Re­se­arch. He re­cent­ly re­ce­ived a knigh­tho­od and pre­vi­ous­ly wor­ked at the World Bank and for the Clin­ton Whi­teho­use. Pri­or to jo­ining the Clin­ton Whi­te Ho­use, Pro­fes­sor Wat­son was Di­rec­tor of the Sci­en­ce Di­visi­on and Chi­ef Sci­en­tist for the Of­fi­ce of Mis­si­on to Pla­net Earth at the Na­ti­onal Aero­na­utics and Spa­ce Ad­mi­nist­ra­ti­on (NA­SA). He has al­so won nu­mero­us awards inc­lu­ding the Blue Pla­net Pri­ze – Ja­pan’s equi­valent to the No­bel Pri­ze for his ro­les in high­lig­hting the inf­lu­en­ce of hu­man ac­ti­viti­es in the dep­le­ti­on of the ozo­ne la­yer and cli­mate chan­ge..

Prof Sa­rah Churc­hwell is Pro­fes­sor of Ame­rican Li­tera­ture at UEA. She was born in 1970 and ra­ised in Win­netka, ne­ar Chi­cago. Af­ter ear­ning her doc­to­rate in Eng­lish and Ame­rican Li­tera­ture from Prin­ce­ton, she mo­ved to Eng­land, whe­re wri­tes for the Ti­mes Li­tera­ry Supp­le­ment and the Ob­server and te­ac­hes Ame­rican Stu­di­es at the Uni­ver­si­ty of East Ang­lia. Her jo­ur­na­lism has ap­pe­ared in the Gu­ar­di­an, the In­de­pen­dent, the New York Ti­mes Bo­ok Re­vi­ew, the TLS, the Ob­server, the Ti­mes, the Te­leg­raph, the New Sta­tes­man, the Spec­ta­tor, the Li­beral, the Fi­nan­ci­al Ti­mes, Gla­mo­ur, El­le, Har­per’s Ba­za­ar, Es­qui­re and Psy­cholo­gi­es, among ot­hers, and she is a cont­ri­buting wri­ter for New Sta­tes­man ma­gazi­ne and re­gular­ly ma­kes ra­dio and te­levi­si­on ap­pe­aran­ces.

Ro­bert Jo­nes is one of Bri­ta­in’s le­ading thin­kers on brands and bran­ding. He is a Pro­fes­si­onal Co­ur­se Di­rec­tor on the MSc Brand Le­aders­hip prog­ram. He al­so works at Wolff Olins, one of the world’s le­ading brand con­sultan­ci­es ba­sed in Lon­don, whe­re he hel­ped over fif­ty or­ga­nisa­ti­ons, in the UK and glo­bal­ly, to bu­ild the­ir brands – inc­lu­ding Am­nesty In­terna­ti­onal, Avi­va, Barc­la­ys, His­to­ric Ro­yal Pa­laces, Ox­fam, PwC, Na­ti­onal Trust and Ta­te. He is in­te­res­ted in brand-led bu­sines­ses, and exp­lo­red thir­ty of them in his bo­ok The Big Idea (Pro­file, 2008). Mo­re re­cent­ly, he has re­se­arc­hed how bran­ding is chan­ging in to­day’s hy­per­connec­ted world, and is de­velo­ping a the­ore­tical fra­mework to exp­la­in how fast-gro­wing bran­ded bu­sines­ses work, cal­led ‘next­co’. He te­ac­hes two mo­dules on the MSc Brand Le­aders­hip prog­ramme. ‘Brand now’ gi­ves stu­dents an up-to-the-mi­nute over­vi­ew of brand prac­ti­ce, and ‘Brands in ac­ti­on’ ta­kes them thro­ugh a te­am pro­ject with re­al cli­ents tack­ling a re­al brand is­sue. Both mo­dules draw he­avi­ly on his pro­fes­si­onal ex­pe­ri­en­ce at Wolff Olins.